Sunday, January 31, 2010

UPDATE: 2/1/10

So my apologies go out to all the faithful bloggers who have been checking the site daily, only to see the same update from 3 months ago. Needless to say, life is busy, and I don't get a whole lot of time to just sit at the computer! Hmmm, imagine why? But, I wouldn't ask for it to be busy any other way. Being a mommy of 3 is the most wonderful thing I can be doing. Moments of insanity, yes, when we have the harmonies of Jaron and Teagan both hungry and crying, and Kaylan in the background saying "STOP!" But, we eventually get things settled down again :-)

Jaron and Teagan are doing awesome. You would never look at them and think they are preemies. They have chubby cheeks and the cutest smiles, and coos. Early intervention is coming once a month, our first session was in January. Carol, is our physical therapist's name with early intervention, and she has shown me things to do to help them with things like getting there necks and backs stonger, focusing on "playing" with toys, etc. We were also at a pulmanologist in Hershey and he thinks they look and sound well. He put Teagan on 2 different inhalers to help with her breathing, just so she doesn't have to work so hard and burn calories that way. Jaron, so far so good with no meds. We go back to see him in March. We are off the oxygen, well Jaron we still put him on a little at night. But we are soon finished with that phase of things, thank goodness. Now it doesn't feel like we have plug in babies anymore! We can walk freely around the house :-)

Two weeks ago Jaron was 11 pounds, and Teagan 9.4. Far from their 1 pound plus weight 6 months ago. Yes, Saturday, the 6th makes them a half a year old already. That just blows me away.

Everyday when I hold them, squeeze them, and just love on them I am overwhelmed with emotion. I truly am holding two miracles in my arms, I am always so humbled at the way the Lord worked in our lives and their lives the way He did. You know, someone asked me if I ever worried about losing one or both of them, and I can honestly say I never did. When I woke up after my c-section and heard that my baby boy and girl were both alive, I knew it was going to be okay. Just to let you know how awesome our God is....

... years ago when Mitch and I were trying to get pregnant with Kaylan, and my parents were praying for us about conception, my dad shared with us right after that prayer that he felt like the Lord told him not to be surprised if there was more than one. That was a word the Lord sent to us years before they were born.... He gave us a promise like that in advance, knowing we would have/need that to remember and hold onto in our journey with them. Yes, that is the God that we serve.

So, the Shellenberger party of five is adjusting and doing well. And to put a plug in for Kaylan, because she is an amazing little girl too, she has been a great big sister. Yeah, there are the times she yells stop, but most times she is saying, Hey Teagan, Hey Jaron... aww their so cute and soft, giving kisses, giving them their nuks... you know things that big sisters do! She has adjusted so well, she has a very creative mind for a two year old, and doesn't mind playing on her own with her toys or imaginary animals that show up at our house while I am taking care of the babies.

I know everyone wants to see pics, I will try to get some posted, I am not doing this from my computer so no pics for me to send right now.

A side note, I am walking with a team in the March for Babies (April 25th) and would love for you all to support me in it. March for Babies organized by the March of Dimes raises funds in order to provide programming, services and research to promote healthy, full-term pregnancies and prevent infant mortality. You can check out my personal page for Team Miracles on the right sidebar of the blog. There you can find additional details about the walk and The March of Dimes. You can also sponsor me by making a tax-deductible donation.



  1. Hehe. I love it "Stop!"
    Thanks for updating. Was delighted with news and pictures.
    -Sarah Leed

  2. So glad to hear things continue to improve and you are all settling in well! Before you know it they'll be mobile and you'll be chasing all three of your precious gifts!

    Danielle Kreider

  3. Praising God with you and your family!! What a miracle!!!

    Audrey Rohrer