Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update: 10.1.09

"More good news to share with everybody! As you know last Tuesday Jaron and Teagan were both taken off of their vents and onto CPAP. Well yesterday I had another wonderful surprise to see that Teagan now has the high flow nasal cannula! This is just the next step needed to be made to get weened off of oxygen... so of course our prayer is that Jaron is right there with his sis and will have the high flow soon. This looks so much more comfortable too, the CPAP isn't very friendly to the face or nose!

They had another eye exam this week, and things still look good there. The occupational therapist that works in the NICU got to check them out too, and assessed them. She says everything looks great, Eventually, she is going to show me some massage to do for them that is helpful. Oh, and a highlight for me this week was bath time!! I was able to give both of the twins their baths. I just took a warm soapy wipe and "scrubbed" 'em in their beds, and then put them in their little tub to rinse them off, and they both loved the water when I rinsed them. They were wide eyed when I was doing it.

Obviously, we continue to pray for their lungs, but as you think about it, when it comes time for them to start feeding, which won't be for another couple weeks, pray for the coordination. And for my patience! This will be one of the hardest things they will have to do, breathe, suck, swallow.

Last but not least, their weights. Jaron is 3.15 and Teagan is 3.7. We are soon going to see four pounds! Amazing, compared to how tiny they were 8 weeks ago!

Here are some pictures of their bath times. Hope you enjoy! This was a fun update for me to give.

Love, Heather "




  1. I have been following your blog for while now but never commented :)Your babies are adorable adn they look so good and so big in the pick from this post!!God truly has belssed you, I will continue to keep you and your sweet babies in my prayers :) K

  2. I know they are still so tiny but they look so big :) I am so happy that they are doing so well. The massage will definitely be a big help to getting their muscles stimulated, I had wanted to do NICU massages, just very hard to do it without a nursing license, even though I have the massage license. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!
    Shannon Adams

  3. PRAISE THE LORD!How very sweet these pictures are of Teagan and Jaron. I will continue to pray for the babys... and for you Heather,Mitch and Kaylan.
    In His Love,
    Audrey Rohrer

  4. The twins are super adorable! God is so very good! I just read your blog with tears in my eyes! It is amazing how Jaron and Teagon, as well as Keziah prove doctors and statistics wrong! As for them eating. Don't concentrate it will be difficult. They said that for Kezi. She grasped eating so quickly. She dismissed from the speech therapist. This is a baby they said would go home with a feeding tube because she was intibated for so long. The speech therapist said, "No baby gets released from me." We will believe the same for the twins, that eating by mouth will come so natural! Rejoicing with you! Love, Donna!

  5. The twins look sooo healthy!! God is so good and we appreciate the update and pictures! Still praying for you guys! Ryan and Denise

  6. i remember doing the baths in the NICU, so cool that they teach us stuff like that in there. I did the massages for a long time after they came home, i know they enjoyed that. your twins look very good! the eating will come with time. the challenging part for me was to keep them awake! but that's just a season too. enjoy them.
    sherry gingrich

  7. I am blessed to be a witness. As always. Love these two babes so dearly... and the rest of you too!

  8. Guys, I love reading your updates! My heart swells to read how awesome our God is IN your precious ones' lives! What a testimony! You are thought of often and prayed for as well! Blessings from the Sangreys! ~Tara

  9. Wow! Our God is amazing and your babies are part of the proof. SO good to see photos. We love all of you!

  10. Oh Heather they are looking SO great! Thanks for sharing another update! Lots of love from the VanderPlate house! :)

  11. Love reading the updates - they are adorable and so much "bigger" (it's all relative!) Praying you are enjoying the journey even in the midst of the exhaustion at times! God will provide!

    Be blessed! Love and prayers,
    Molly for the Resslers

  12. Hallelujah! Such great news from you! Thanks for the update and photos. You are loved!

  13. "Praise you Heavenly Father for these two precious miracle babies - we give you all the glory as Jaron and Teagan continue to thrive!"
    Mitch & Heather, we continue to remember your entire family in prayer - we want to focus on Kaylan this week, surely this has been a tough 8 wks for her as well!
    Donna for the Bollinger6

  14. It was so good to see pictures! In one of the pictures of Teagan she looks like a little Shellenberger baby! You are such a great patient faithful mom. We can't wait to visit you when you get home...we want to come bearing gifts : )