Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update: 10/21/09

"Here we are, another week gone by, everyday getting us closer to bringing our twins home! No discharge date mentioned at all yet, but we are hoping no more than 4 weeks. They are 11 weeks old now, which makes them 36 weeks gestation. Another 4 weeks would put them to my due date with them. I am excited to say that yesterday they took both Jaron and Teagan off the medications they were on (meds such as diuretics to help them get rid of any extra fluid, etc). They had eye exams again this morning and the Dr. said Jaron looks great, no need to check him again, and Teagan looks good too, but he just wants to see her again in another 2 to 3 weeks. Jesus, we ask that when Teagan's eyes get checked again in a couple of weeks that it will be her last as well!

Feedings are going well, I am now nursing both of them two times a day. They are beginning to coordinate their sucking, breathing, and swallowing, but sometimes it's a little hard for them and they "alarm." I believe I asked about praying for this before, so just continue the prayer that this coordination for them will just click.

Jaron is now 5 lbs. 3 oz, and Teagan is so close to hitting 5... she is 4 lbs 14 oz. Everyday the nurses come by and say how much they can't believe how the twins have grown. They just dote over them and say how cute they are. I hear all the nurses have a little crush on Jaron :-) He's already workin' his charm. I am not sure the staff will let us leave, they love our little kiddos so much!

I am praying that these last few weeks go by quickly, or maybe I just need to pray for patience. It's like the end is so close, but still feels far away. I am longing for the day to hear the words get ready to take your babies home. I have been SO excited for the families we got to know from the NICU that I got to see take their babies home, I can't even imagine how excited I will be when it's our turn. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to burst!! That is the update I cannot wait to give. Until then, like I said, pray for our patience.

We love you all so much.
- Heather"


  1. God is so very good! Oh, these Bundle of Joys! It will be a joy to see them in church and to hold them. He had to wait till after the flu season for Kezi. I'm not sure if you'll need to wait, also.

    How is baby Isaiah? God's grace on him and his family!

    Rejoicing with you, Love, Donna

  2. Praise God for another good report! He is so good! No make that great! Mitch and Heather we will continue to pray for you all!



  3. Dear Heather and Mitch,
    I count it a joy to continue to pray for your babies and your family.

    In His Love,
    Audrey Rohrer

  4. Mitch and Heather,

    The Lord brought this scripture to mind after reading your latest post: Habakkuk 2:3 "For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay." You will get to take your babies home at just the right time - keep waiting with faith and hope!

    Danielle Kreider