Friday, September 11, 2009

Update: 9/11/09 9:20pm

"My heart is filled with joy, as I can give yet another awesome report on Jaron and Teagan! Yesterday was their last day of antibiotics, so no more IV's!!! Woohoo! They are both now over 1200 grams, so they can wear clothes... this is just adorable. It's amazing how that just makes them look bigger. And what I am most excited about, is that they have their vents now on a different setting, it's more of just assisted breathing, instead of the vent doing most of the breathing for them. This is a way the doctors start to wean them off of the vents, and the doctor told us today they with try the cpap in the next several days! This means that the twins are taking their own breaths, the cpap just gives oxygen and pressure. Pray for strength, that they transition to the cpap easily.

Another prayer request, next week sometime they will do an eye exam on them. This is standard, looking to see the blood vessels behind the retina. As of right now, they shouldn't even have these blood vessels yet, but they will start to check to make sure they are growing straight, and not twisted. If they would see eventually that they aren't growing as they should, it would mean lasik surgery. This is the only surgery they do at Women and Babies, so it would be done there. But we are believing that they won't need this surgery.

Because He's faithful,


  1. Oh how I am standing with you in prayer and rejoicing for answered prayers on behalf of Jaron and Teagan and each of your family!

  2. Wow, on CPAP sometime this week! Awesome!!! Keziah didn't get to be on the CPAP until she was more than 3 1/2 months old. Such great news. And, they are wearing clothes!!! We are so excited and Praise Our Lord and Savior! He is ssssoooo good! Yes, we are praying (have been) that Jaron and Teagon will not need laser surgery on their eyes - speaking for those blood vessels, in the Name of Jesus, to grow properly! Oh, how blessed you are! Three super beautiful children! Rejoicing in Jesus, Donna Smith

  3. Yay! We are so excited for another great report!


    The Nafzigers

  4. you do not know me (perhaps my husband), but we are praying for you. i heard about you through angela stoltzfus (friend & family) and have had you on my mind and heart. we had a daughter born 10 weeks premature 3 years ago and i recall the many emotions and the roller coaster journey the NICU can be. you are in good hands!
    be encouraged, our daughter is well and thriving.
    blessings to your family.
    Clark & Kara Stoltzfus (clark is a cousin to Scott Stoltzfus)