Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update: September 22, 2009

"This is a much needed update... I apologize for not getting something out sooner. My last update I believe I talked about the doctors trying the babies on CPAP, which didn't come when we thought, BUT today Jaron was on it. Around noon today Jaron self extubated himself (which means he pulled his tubes out) so the doctor said to give CPAP a try, and he was doing great on it! This means he is breathing on his own... the CPAP gives pressure and oxygen. And when they drew his blood gas and looked at his levels they looked good, after being on CPAP! I am so proud of our little man, he knew he was strong enough to try this, that's why he took into his own hands and pulled his tubes out himself :-)

Teagan's CO2 (carbon dioxide) level wasn't quite as good, so they didn't try CPAP on her, but we are praying she is not far behind. Who knows maybe I will go in tomorrow and have the same surprise as I did with Jaron today!

They are both still eating like champs, 28 ml's every 3 hours. They will soon be up to an ounce (30 mls) on feedings. Jaron now weighs 3 lbs. 6 oz and Teagan 3 lbs. 5oz. I am amazed at how much they keep growing, and how they just keep getting cuter everytime I see them!! Jaron just looks like a little boy, and Teagan a girly girl!

One last thing, they had their first eye exams today, and the doctor told the nurse everything looks good for now, praise God. So we continue to believe for good reports after each eye exam.

May you all continue to be blessed as you read these updates, and be encouraged knowing that your prayers are so effective.

Love, Heather"


  1. YES! So encouraged to hear this great update!
    This is a big week with Andrea and Jamisines
    (sp?) big day on Sat. I am praying for a wonderful time of celebrating together as a family.
    Audrey Rohrer

  2. Yippee!! Go Jaron and Teagan! Love, Liz

  3. woohoo, awesome news! we continue to pray for all of you!! love, the Bollingers

  4. God is sssooo good! We are rejoicing with you! Love, the Smiths

  5. Wow! Your story is amazing. Our youth pastor's grandson was born a micro premie because the placenta started to pull away after a bad car accident. He is ten months old today, looks like a six month old and progressing past all goals the doctors have set for him! After watching his story unfold I have high hopes for your two precious little ones as well. We'll be praying for them.

  6. Yay, Jaron and Teagan! We continue to pray for you all! Love, The Nafzigers