Thursday, August 6, 2009

12AM - 8/7/09

Pray for the twins 12AM - 8/7/09


  1. As I was praying the Lord directed me to the Book of 1 Kings - the stories of Elijah. Elijah was just awesome and he was fed when there was famine, the Lord always provided for him. He overcame, he spoke the truth, he turned people from deception through his reverence, obedience and relationship with God. He even asked God to set fire to a soaking wet altar and GOD DID IT... and burned up all the water too!

    I pray and believe that God uses these babies, just as he used Elijah to turn people from deception, to do the miraculous, to reveal his goodness and his power and might.

    He will. He really will.

    Praying the character of Elijah on your little ones. Love you.