Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UPDATE - 8/12/09 8:00AM

Here is another message from the proud parents of Jaron, Teagan and Kaylan too!

"Sorry, I realized I never updated everybody on Jaron and Teagan's echo tests from Monday. Both of them had the open blood vessel, so on Monday they started their medication for that, which is just Ibuprofen. They get their last dose of it today and then will have another echo tomorrow to see if the openings are closed or closing. If they aren't closed the medical team will try a second round of medication before they say "surgery." Of course, you know our prayers are that medicine does the trick!! The twins are also going to get an ultrasound done on their brains tomorrow, only because many premies will have some bleeding in the brain. The one doctor, Dr. Fink, told me yesterday he's not expecting to see anything, and honestly I have such a peace about it as well. I am not feeling worried about that scan at all. God has certainly provided us with His peace that surpasses all understanding.

Their feedings are still going well, Jaron is now on every 3 hours, as well as Teagan, but now Teagan is getting 2 cc's every 3 hours instead of one. It's amazing how much better they look, their coloring, and breathing. Jaron was pretty bruised up from being in the birth canal, and his bruises are definitely healing. It's amazing how much he looks like Mitch! Yes, at this very tiny stage you can tell he looks like daddy. I think he looks like a little beach bum, he looks like he has a tan with his hair (eyebrows and all) being bleached from the sun :-) And he always has himself stretched out... enjoying the room he has now I guess instead of sharing space with his sis.

Teagan's name fits her perfectly! Her tiny face is so beautiful. Her and her brother look nothing alike! She has dark hair... I am thinking by the time we take her home she is going to have a head of dark hair like her big sister! But you can already tell she is a little princess, we were having fun with them the other day and putting our wedding rings around their wrists ( we will try to get those pics out soon) and she was proudly showing off my diamond :-) Of course she is a princess, she is the daughter of a King... our God and Savior!!

Your prayers and comments from the blog have been amazing, and so encouraging. Thanks for being our "Aarons" for us and helping to keep our arms lifted during this time. We love you all so much. Be blessed in all you do.



  1. Thanks for the update Heather. Such a good report. I had to giggle...I have told others that Teagan already looks like you, too--she has those muscular calves already! :-) Glad to hear you are holding steady in the grace. Hooray for Jesus! Much love, Liz

  2. Hi, Heather and Mitch!

    You, the twins, and Kaylan are so much in our prayers. We believe that the ibuprophen will close up their PDAs. As with the ultra sound on their brains, we speak they are totally perfect. At Hershey, with Kezi, they were amazed that she had no bleeding on the brain. Every time they checked they would comment of their amazement. On her discharge papers, they say that she has a totally normal brain!!! We speak this for the twins - in the Name of Jesus Christ their Savior, their Deliver, their Healing, the One who gave them Life - abundantly! God's blessings to all! Love you guys!