Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UPDATE - 8/19/09 7AM

Here is an update from last night! Enjoy it... and keep battling in the spirit for BOTH twins and specifically Jaron's needs. Thanks!

"It was so WONDERFUL to be able to hold our littlest girl tonight! Yes, I was totally thrilled when they told me today that I would be able to hold Teagan tonight. I got to do the Kangaroo Care with her, where it's skin to skin contact. You wear a button down shirt, making it easier to expose your skin, and they tucked Teagan right down into my shirt. They laid a blanket over top of her, put on a tiny little hat, and we were cozy and TOASTY! I loved every second of it, she just lay there so peaceful listening to my heartbeat, and hopefully enjoying the songs I was singing to her :-) And kissing her little head was so sweet. Mitch just let me hold her the whole time, but made sure to give her a kiss as well!

They did start Jaron on antibiotics, and gave him platelets. His echo showed that his PDA did open back up, so they will start Ibuprofen again tomorrow. He will most likely be on the antibiotics for a week. I am choosing not to be discourage by any of this, because I know that's what the devil would love to happen, he wants to stir up worry and discouragement. But instead we can now specifically pray for Jaron, asking in Jesus name to heal this small infection. He's still not showing any kind of signs of feeling sick, he's active, his blood levels looked good, and eating well. Which by the way, they are both now on 8 cc's of milk!! And, they have both figured out the pooping thing very well, the nurses say. Keeping them busy with cleaning up some blowouts! Way to go Jaron and Teagan, who knew such tiny packages could make such big messes!

So, for Jaron, they probably won't try his PICC line again until next week. Hopefully, by then he will have chubbed up a little more, and his veins will be bigger as well. My prayer is that by next week we will be able to do Kangaroo Care with him too! My arms are aching to hold our little man.

May you continue to be blessed by our little miracles.

Heather "


  1. Great update about getting to hold Teagan! How amazing. Just blessed every time you send an update. We are praying hard for Jaron, believing that the hardships he is having will subside quickly. He needs to catch up to his sister. :) And he will.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Heather. I am a distant-friend of Amber B's and am enjoying reading about and praying for your babies. Thanks for taking the time to update regularly. Praying for your baby boy especially today.

  3. This post made my eyes full of tears, soo happy you were able to hold Teagan! I had to wait about 8 hours to hold Hayden and I still remember the joy that swelled up within me when I was finally able to. I'm sure for you the feeling was much the same! Praying for you every day. May much peace abound within you! Love, Denise and Ryan

  4. Heather that is so special that you are able to hold Teagan. Praying that Jaron isn't far behind! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Marci and Neil