Thursday, August 6, 2009

2AM - 8/7/09

Pray for the twins 2AM - 8/7/09


  1. The Davenports will be on our knees for the babies at 2am. We love you all!

  2. The Stairs Family in California will be praying for your precious baby at 2 am (11 pm pacific time)!
    I am a new follower from "Knowing Norrah"

  3. Praying for the twins out in California. Love you guys:)

  4. Heather and Mitch,
    We wanted to share our time with the Lord while lifting you all up we felt he was reminding us to focus on rejoicing in the joy of your babies births and not focusing on the worries and fears. Please know we are in this for the long haul. I know you are probably getting a ton of advice during this time but I know one of the things someone told me when Levi was in the NICU was that we could be there as much as we wanted. So know if you want to be with your babies you can at anytime even in the middle of the night. I think the only time we had to leave was for shift changes. We love you guys and are praying for your little ones all the time. We are grateful for the time we were able to spend with the Lord on all of your behalves. It's encouraging to see how many people are talking to the Lord because of your babies. That's amazing. We love you both. On our knees for all of you.
    The Davenports

  5. I woke up at 2 am and could not fall back to sleep until about 4....felt God prompting me to pray for the twins and mommy and daddy and Kaylan!!! God has his hand upon all of you:) Love you guys!
    ~Laurie Hersh