Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update: 8/25/2009 5:00PM

"Praise the Lord... Jaron and Teagan's surgery went well. They started first with Jaron at 10:00 this morning, and Teagan followed right after, and by noon the surgeon came out to tell us they were finished and doing good. The whole "O.R." just comes right to their beds in the NICU, which is so nice to not have to move the babies. Not so nice for the rest of the parents wanting to visit the little ones, because they shut down the NICU to visitors during a sterile procedure like that. We went back to see them afterward, and they were just sleeping away. The medical staff has the twins sedated and on pain meds, so they will be very sleepy for a while.

We are just so glad the surgery is out of the way and the PDA's are now fixed! I don't know if I explained how they did the surgery or not in any of my other updates, but they go in from the back, right behind their armpits, and then go through the ribs to tie off the hole. So they will just have a little scar right behind their arms. Now, in Mitch's words, they can start working in "maximum efficiency" :-) All you who know Mitch, I know you're smiling right now because you can hear him saying something like that! We are hoping by Thursday or Friday they will be back at Women and Babies. I am asking the Lord for a speedy post-op recovery, and minimal pain for the babes! I believe while they are sleeping and recouping, Jesus is talking with them in wonderful dreams and visions!

We figured tonight we just need to do something fun, and spend some time with our little miss, Kaylan. So we are looking forward to some E-town Fair fun, which mostly means that greasy fair food, and Kaylan will LOVE seeing the animals.

So blessed to have each and every one of you, even those we don't know. I can't even begin to explain how blessed we are and feel. I pray in return that each of you are being showered with blessings.

In His Grip,
Heather "


  1. Praying for you today!
    God's grace oozes from you!

  2. Thanks for posting as often as you can. I check your site just about every day!!! Your peace is amazing! We think of you often and know that it must be only by God's grace that you are able to juggle visits with your babies and the 'regular' things that still need to happen. Dwilyn & Janelle

  3. Love these two little miracles. God is so good.

  4. What great news! We've been following your story and continue to pray for you guys...
    Love, Scott & Christie

  5. I'm sure that Kaylan had a wonderful time with her mommy and daddy looking at the animals. Praise God that the twins are doing so well that you can spend some time with her! I have been praying specifically for her in the past couple of days as I have been reminded of her needs. I took a photo of her at the pool the day the babies were born that I will send on to Cindy. ( she didn't have a suit) :):)

  6. Soooo Happy to hear the surgery is done...PTL!!
    I am praying!
    Audrey Rohrer

  7. We continue to pray for you all. What a wonderful testimony of God's love you have. We are praying for room at the inn for you here in Lancaster when the twins are ready to return. And then we can come see you. I'm so sorry we didn't visit Friday, but we couldn't figure out how to do it with the whole crazy checkout process... Be blessed, my beautiful friends!
    Love ya,

  8. So happy to hear the surgeries are done! Praise God they are doing well! I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery!!

  9. We are so happy that your babies are doing so well! Surgeries are always very scary. Have you heard about zakeez, inc? they have the most amazing products for preemies and parents to help them bond and feel like you are always there. I used the Zaky with my son in the NICU and he loved it from the moment I gave it to him - i could leave my scent with him and my husband did the same. My son is 2 years old and still loves it. Now they have a top especifically for kangaroo care. It keeps the baby in place and the mom can use her hands to touch the baby or read a book!! The company is from a mother that had a preemie and wanted her baby to feel she was always there -- pretty amazing.

  10. hey guys,
    we just wanted to send you a little message letting you know the Lord is constantly bringing you guys and your babies to our minds so we are praying a ton. we can't wait to get out there and meet them. you are so encouraging and your faith is amazing. we will continue to pray for your little ones and every aspect of their development. they are so cute! we love you guys! congrats shellenberger party of 5! so cool!
    kellie and j