Friday, August 7, 2009

UPDATE 8/7/09 - 12:50pm

Hi, friends.

Only good news to report here! The still unnamed twins are doing GREAT. I mean, really great. They are both trying to breathe on their own which is such an accomplishment for their young gestation! Hearts and lungs are doing awesome.

One prayer request the family has asked is that we pray for continued health of heart and lungs but also the BIG PRAYER is for health and wholeness in the digestive systems and brains of these two miracles. All of the major organ groups typically mature for several more weeks in utero so these little kiddos have to do that maturing outside of the womb and we are praying that with God's awesome hand of grace and goodness that the process is flawless and speedy.

A cute little story about BIG SISTER KAYLAN: After visiting her brother and sister in the NICU she was asked if her siblings were little or big. Kaylan says that they are BIG!! Out of the mouths of babes...!!! We are believing and speaking that same thing as Kaylan and her child-like faith, that the littlest Shellenbergers are BIG, that they are healthy and that they will remain that way for years to come!

Mom, Heather, is up and walking around and is doing well.

Please continue to pray for Babies Boy and Girl Shellenberger and sign up for hourly time slots in order to keep these sweet ones bathed in consistent prayer for the days and weeks ahead. More than one person per time slot is welcomed and encouraged. It looks like we have 24 hour prayer for the rest of today. Please remember to sign up for the weekend slots too. Thanks so much.

Praise be to God for all the great things he has done in their lives ALREADY! How amazingly wonderful.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. Fabulous news!! Thanks for keeping us up to date Lauren. Continued prayers for the littlest Shellenbergers.