Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PRAY FOR JARON - 8/19/09

Hi, all!

As you can read from the updates HERE and HERE, little Jaron is having a bit of a rough time lately. As far as Mommy and the medical staff can tell his spirits are still up and he is still happily breathing, moving and living life. However, he had some signs of an infection and so he has received platelets and antibiotics to stop the infection in its tracks.

Also, doctors have still not been able to put in a PICC line for Jaron and his PDA (blood vessels between the pulmonary artery and the aorta) has opened back up. The doctors are now administering ibuprofen to attempt to close it.

Please, please get on your knees for sweet Jaron today and pray that infection would leave his body, that his PDA would close without the need for surgery and that the next attempt at putting in a PICC line would be successful. Also pray that he continues to thrive and that he is soon able to be held by mommy and daddy. Pray for Heather and Mitch as well that the Lord would guard their hearts and minds.

If you have any specific words of encouragement, prayers or verses that come to mind as you pray for Jaron please leave them in the comment section below. Or if you simply want to let the family know that you are in prayer, you can let us know that too.

Thank you for walking this road with the Shellenbergers. Thank you for continuing to cry out on the littlest ones' behalf. We expect to hear that Jaron recuperates quickly. God is faithful.


  1. I am friends with many of your friends, and want you to know that I continue to uphold your family in prayer daily throughout the day. I cannot begin to imagine all you go thru on a daily basis, and continue to pray God's great protection over your marriage, and family. I pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses who care for your precious babies, and strength, wisdom and energy for both of you as you continue on your parenting journey. May you feel God's peace and arms of love TODAY as you experience all it holds. Love, missy buckwalter king.

  2. Mitch and Heather, You two are beloved of the Lord and us--the Body. We lift you up, up, up to the Father. Love and prayers for ALL of you. Happy about Kangaroo care--yippee! As a mommy myself, I am thrilled for you to enjoy this blessing! I am standing with you, esp. for Jaron. Love, Liz

  3. Mitch, Heather, Kaylan, Jaron, and Teagan:

    We love you all very much and are encouraged by the awesome things God is doing in all of your lives! We continue to pray for God's healing for Jaron and that Teagan would continue to stay healthy and stronger each day!

    Praying and Believin',

    The Nafzigers

  4. There is a time that we are to pray for something specifically, as with healing of possible infection. But once you feel that breakthrough, that prayer needs to become praise and thanksgiving, even before you see physical signs. It has been done in the spiritual realm. God has done it! Jaron is healed by the blood of Jesus! "Thank you Lord that "no weapon against Jaron and Teagon shall prosper!" "Thank you Lord that by Your stripes, Jaron has been healed!" (not going to be, he is healed) "Thank you Lord God that Teagon and Jaron are in Your love and care." "Thank you Lord that Your Holy Spirit is ministering to Jaron and Teagon's spirit!" "Thank you Lord for the life, health, and wholeness in Jaron and Teagon!" "Thank you Lord for the "spunk" you placed in Jaron and Teagon!" "Thank you Lord that the infection in Jaron's body is gone!" "Thank you Lord that Teagon and Jaron PDA is closed!!!" "Thank you Lord that the PICC line will go in and feed through Jaron's veins!" "Thank you Lord that Jaron and Teagon (and Heather and Mitch and Kaylan) have the VICTORY!!!

    Pray and look for attributes in the twins. As for Keziah the Lord gave that she was carefree, courageous, and a fighter. Thank the Lord for the attributes.

    Don't look at the physical realm, seek what the truths of the Lord says! Ephesians 6 talks about the full armor of God. The sword of the spirit is God's Words - His promises!!!

    It was a year ago that we were fighting the same spiritual battles as you are (you have a double dose). This trial goes deep into a mother's and father's hearts! Their babies! But, realize they are God's babies and he has blessed you by giving you them and entrusting you with them. How much you love them, God loves them even so much more. He has great and mighty plans for Teagon and Jaron. They will go forth in the Name of Jesus! They will be mighty vessels/servants of our Lord! When doubt comes, stand of HIS PROMISES!!!

    We are always here for you. As I said before, if you need to talk to someone that has gone this path before, we are always here for you - even in the midst of the night.

    Love and blessings always from the Smith Family! Keziah can't wait to be able to play with Teagon and Jaron when they all get a little bigger.

  5. Hi! My husband and I go to Threshold Church and I also got to know Mitch's mom from the doctors' office (she gave me weekly shots from week 18 to week 37 to prevent pre-term labor while I was pregnant with my second baby girl, Eva). Our first daughter is a NICU graduate :) Just wanted to let you know that the girls and I pray for you guys daily, especially between 3 and 4 in the morning. Blessings! ~Val Weaver

  6. Your faith is an inspiration to everyone.I am praying for you and your family especially little Jaron at this time.I know the Lord is with you all and holds you near to Him. Expect His healing for your babies.

  7. Just want to thank you guys for allowing us to peer into your hearts journey and also the NICU and watch a beautiful story unfold before our very eyes !! It is His story - a story of love and blessings and miracles and destiny and much beyond what we can all see right now . May you know abundance in every aspect of this journey . Love and prayers - Barb VP