Monday, August 10, 2009

UPDATE: 8/10/09 11AM

Here is an update from the Shellenberger Family:

"Today we are able to go home. It's a bittersweet thing, but I know that's where it's best for us to relax and recover, and be able to spend our time with Kaylan and love on her. This morning Jaron and Teagan got their echo tests, and we will probably find out the results sometime this afternoon.

They are on their feedings now to stimulate their gut... starting out 1 milliliter every 6 hours. Teagan is now on every 3 hours, and Jaron still on 6. So we pray that Teagan continues every three and that Jaron will be soon to follow with that! Also, Teagan is off of the light, her bilirubin number is now low enough, and they said they hope to have Jaron off of the light soon too. Of course, the staff always let us know that these kind of things are stop and go, but when you have babies that are covered in this much prayer, and people believing for the supernatural, I know it's going to GO more than stop!

Again, we love you all so much and will try to keep you as up to date as possible! We serve a mighty, active and living God!


Mitch, Heather, Kaylan, Jaron, and Teagan"


  1. Mitch & Heather,

    We're praying for you guys. I think of you randomly throughout the day and pray for you at those times. May God's presence fill and surround you completely.

    Amy (&Dan)

  2. Mitch and Heather,

    Rick and I are believing God for continued miracles with Jaron and Teagan. We know that
    God will use this time to strengthen your faith and do mighty things within your family.
    This will be a transforming time for all of you. So glad so many are covering you all in prayer. Bless you all. Praise God! The God who with nothing is impossible!

    "...those who trust in Him will not be disappointed."

    Standing with you,
    Rick and Carla

    Praise be to our God with who nothing is impossible!
    "...those who trust in Him will NOT be disappointed."!!!!

    May your faith rise to new heights!
    Rick and Carla