Monday, August 10, 2009


For those of you who have a blog you probably know what a site button is. But, just in case you don't...

Check out the SITE BUTTON on the right menu. It is complete with a copy and paste html code so that you can add the "Pray for the Shellenberger Twins" button to your own blog and therefore encourage all of your blog traffic to head over hear, learn about Jaron and Teagan, be moved by what the Lord is doing and join in!

All people have to do is click on the picture and it sends them over here! Pretty cool, huh?

Try it. The button on the right is a working site button too!

If you need directions on how to put the button on your own blog just comment on this post, leave contact info and I will tell you how!

PS: don't forget about this post. Today we are praying for Heather. Let her know!


  1. Just stopped by to check out your blog and see how the twins are doing! We will definitely lift Heather up in prayer tonight, along with the rest of you guys. It is awesome to see what the Lord is doing through Jaron and Teagan!! Be encouraged in the Lord and all those praying on your behalf!

  2. I happened upon your site tonight and realized that you delivered the same evening as our son. The reason I know this is that Cheri Gard was, or rather missed, our delivery because our son came as soon as we arrived at the hospital. Cheri left the room as soon as she heard you all had arrived. We asked about your little twins often during our stay at WBH and I continue to think about them and lift them up before our Heavenly Father who is the great Phyician. Your babies are so precious!! God Bless you and your families!