Thursday, August 6, 2009

5AM - 8/7/09

Pray for the twins 5AM - 8/7/09


  1. I believe God just wanted to sing lullabies over you.
    For peace to fill you from the inside out.
    I heard a few songs...
    "When Peace like a river" and "My love hasn't grown cold" (by. Bethany Dillon)
    -ill try and add these to the playlist on the blog. ;)

    I pray that you will be OVERCOME by peace as your Father sings over you...

  2. ...couldn't find it, but here are the lyrics...

    Lyrics to My Love Hasn't Grown Cold :
    You shake your head
    What is so hard to believe?
    When you are in your bed
    I sing over you the sweetest things
    Because oh, my love, it does not tire
    I’m awake when the moon is full
    And I know the times when you feel lost
    And you just aren’t sure

    Lo and behold
    My love hasn’t grown cold
    For you

    You could steal away in the middle of the night
    And hide in the light of day
    While you cloak yourself in the darkest lies
    But oh, my love, it swims in the deepest oceans of fear
    And as soon as you lower your head
    I am here

    If only you could see how heaven stills when you speak
    I know all your days
    And I have wrapped you in mystery
    And oh, my love for you is as wide as the galaxies
    Just hold out your hand and close your eyes
    And come be with me