Friday, August 14, 2009

UPDATE: 8/14/09 7AM

Here is a message from the proud Mama of the twins (who happen to be a week old already!)

"Hello to all! Another quick update, because this mama is tired and ready to crash. But I know everyone is probably wanting to hear about the twins' echo cardiograms, and their head ultrasounds. Praise God, both of the head ultrasounds came back clear, no bleeding, and Jaron's PDA ( which is the blood vessel in the heart) is closed! Teagan's is still there, so they started her second round of meds tonight, and then she will have that the following 2 days. Monday will be her follow up echo. Pray this second round of meds will do the trick!

We've already had some of the nurses comment, and they said the one doctor mentioned it as well, that they can't believe how calm Mitch and I are about all of this, and still smiling through it all. And I can truly say that I feel so at peace. I have no reason not to be calm or smiling, because God has brought two BEAUTIFUL children into our lives, and He is taking such good care of them. I think about how much I love them, and He loves them even more than that! Wow, His heart is just bursting for them.

Oh yes, one more thing, for Jaron they tried for the first time tonight to put in a PIC line, which is basically a permanent line that will go through his arm or leg and into a vein that leads all the way up to his heart. This is a good thing to have, that way the twins can get rid of their other IV's and this saves them from getting pricked over and over each time they might need medicine, etc. Jaron's PIC line did not take the first time, so the medical staff will try again. That's not uncommon for it not to take. There are about 4 nurses in the NICU that are trained to put in the line. I can't even imagine having to do that. The catheter that they use is as small as a thread and they have to get that into the tiny veins of a baby and then have it follow up to the heart. So, my prayer is that PIC line attempts have to be done the minimal amount of times as possible, and for the skill of the nurse. I am not sure when they will want to start Teagan on hers.

May you all find rest in the arms of Jesus!



  1. Continually blessed to be a witness to the amazing miracles God is performing in Jaron and Teagan daily.

  2. We rejoice with you at the good things that God is doing in your little blessings. Isn't it grand that God has chosen special people to do amazing things like PIC lines?

  3. Will be praying hard the next few months for all of you! The PIC line is a great thing, Lexi had one and it was so nice to be rid of her IVs so I could hold her a lot easier. Will be thinking of you guys a lot. Praise God for these little miracles! ~Shannon Adams

  4. This is wonderful news. As expected God is working miricales here! I will be continuing to pray and read your blog. I am glad to hear that you and Mitch are at peace through all this, it will help you guys through each and every day knowing that God is at work here and he is in charge. Kari Yarnall