Monday, August 31, 2009

Update: 8/30/2009 10PM

"Hey All! I know everyone has been on their knees for our little ones, but just want to give you specifics. The doctors are doing a few tests to check for infections in both Jaron and Teagan. Jaron's incision looked a little infected, and where Teagan's PICC line is they thought may be a little infected. They got their blood work back and are starting them on antibiotics tonight, and we are waiting for results to see if they have a small infection in their lungs. We keep hearing that this is typical for preemies, since their little bodies just aren't made to fight things off like this.

Lord, you are big enough to fight off these infections for them! We believe and know that through your healing touch, and in the name of Jesus, the infection is gone, and that there is nothing brewing in their lungs. Instead your breath is filling up their lungs and with each day Jaron and Teagan are becoming stronger. Thank you Jesus for everyday of life that you give them, and with each new day it means they are closer to getting stronger, and closer to coming home. We love you Lord!

Before I end, they are both back up on their feedings... to 11 cc's, since the surgery. And as of last night they were both 2 lbs 5 oz!

Be blessed,
Heather "


  1. I stand with yous in praying for the healing of Jaron and Teagans lungs and any infection. Your prayer that you posted is filled with FAITH and I am praying the same prayer for your babies!

    Audrey Rohrer

  2. It is so awesome to see your two Bundle of Joys doing so well! God is so good. I know what Kezi all had to go through (we have been very victorious through the blood of Jesus, through it all)and have praying that Jaron and Teagon do not need to go through any of that. We rejoice with you in all the progress. Two pounds five ounces - great! In the Name of Jesus we speak strong immune systems in Jaron and in Teagon! "Supposedly" premies don't have that strong immune systems. That is what the doctors say, we in the Name of Jesus, say their immune systems are strong and working amazingly well!

    Love all of you!
    Rejoicing in Jesus,
    Donna Smith

  3. Thanks for writing, Heather. Great to see you and Mitch and Kaylan at the picnic, too! Agreeing in prayer with you for the twins and sending a hug and love your way!