Monday, August 24, 2009

UPDATE: 8/24/2009 7:45AM

"Hello all our prayer warriors! So it was a very early morning for me this morning, Mitch dropped me off at the hospital on his way to work so I could be here for the morning before they take Jaron and Teagan to Hershey for their surgery. We are going to follow the ambulance there. Yes, it is surgery for the little ones, but one that is very minor. Both of their PDA's opened back up... and from their echos on Saturday it showed that this is causing their left atriums to be enlarged because of extra blood flow going into the atrium from the PDA being open. It's best just to have the surgery and have them clip the hole shut.

We aren't discouraged by this... we are ready to have this "problem" taken care of because it means respiratory wise this will help them a lot, and that's what we want, less dependency on their vents! They should just be at Hershey a few days and then back to Women and Babies.

This brings up another prayer request. Right now the NICU here is packed (over capacity). They just admitted their 6th set of twins last night, and a few days ago they admitted triplets! We asked last night how that works with Jaron and Teagan coming back here, if they are already so full, because they can't "hold" their spots for them to come back. So pray that when Hershey gives the okay for them to come back to Women and Babies, there will be room at the inn. If not, it just means a little longer stay at Hershey.

Yesterday Jaron and Teagan both hit the 2 pound milestone!! We are excited about that, actually I believe Teagan is 2 lb 1 oz. Like I said they take turns passing each other :-) And Mitch got to hold Jaron for the first time last night. When our nurse asked if we wanted to get him out I thought I should let daddy have a chance to hold his little boy for the first time, since I have gotten to hold him twice already! I believe this morning I will be able to hold Teagan again. Yay!

One more thing as a prayer request... we have all these new people, other parents in the NICU, the nurses, that we are now in contact with daily. It's so our hearts to be shining the light and love of Jesus while we are here. There's one couple in particular that's in here with their little girl (born at 28 weeks) and they have been on my heart. Pray that we know how to specifically speak into their lives, and be the face of Jesus to them. Alrighty, the shift change is almost over, and I will be able to go back to be with the babes :-)



  1. Matt and Christine WalkerAugust 24, 2009 at 11:23 AM

    We just wanted to let you know that we have been following your blog and keeping you all in our prayers!

  2. In the last year I have been priveleged to hear of stories of babies going thru cancer and born prematurely and be able to lift them and their parents/family up in prayer.Time and time again I am so blessed by seeing these parents and their faith. You truly amaze me and I am soo thankful and am encouraged by reading your updates. And getting to see the hand of God move in your lives! I pray for you daily and I'm sure that the family in there who is on your heart is able to see Jesus shining sooooo brightly in you, with out even a word said. I pray that theymight come to know our Lord during this time and that when Jarron and Teagen are bigger they will know that God was with them from the beginning and as using them even at 2 lbs big!!!!! May
    God countinue to work miracles in your midst and may your hope faith be unwavered!!

  3. I didn't read this post until now (5:20) but "happened" to think of you earlier today while doing housework and prayed for each of you - and specifically Jaron and Teagan. Hoping all is well.

  4. Praying God gives you extra strength in the days to come! Your little ones are so precious.


  5. We've been praying for you today...and thought of you especially when I drove past the Hershey exit on 283 tonight. jen