Tuesday, August 18, 2009

UPDATE and PRAYER REQUEST - 8/18/09 4:45pm

"I stopped in the NICU today for a quick visit with Kaylan (and my mom), hoping to hear the news that Jaron had his PICC line in, but still no success. Jaron is showing some signs of infection, not by looking at him. He's still very active, his blood gas levels are good, and his vents, they saw that his platelet count is a little low, and he has a murmur again. They did a blood culture this morning and are waiting to see the results from that. He may be started on some antibiotics, and at some point may need a platelet transfusion, but not at this point yet. They weren't making it sound like this is a big deal, so I am trying not to allow it to draw worry or fear in me. Now we just know better how to pray, so when you think of Jaron, ask in Jesus name that this small infection amounts to nothing. Even when Mitch and I go back into the hospital today I am praying they are already seeing signs of it diminishing. They were going to do another echo on Jaron, just to see if his PDA opened back up, or to see if it is still just very small. Sometimes, the hole can have stayed small and still just make a lot of noise, or if it opened back up they will start him on a second round of Ibuprofen, since he never needed a second round of it.

Tonight, we are probably going to be able to hold Teagan! They said they thought we would be able to start the kangaroo care, which is skin to skin care!!!! I can't wait to be able to do this, and just love on her in this way. I pray that Jaron is not going to be far behind, so we can give him the same kind of care and lovin'!

I just wanted to get this our to everyone ASAP, so we can pray this small infection right out of Jaron's body. It has no place or right to be there!!

Standing strong in Jesus,


  1. Donna Heiter SmithAugust 18, 2009 at 7:06 PM

    Heather, continue to keep your focus on Jesus! We are believing with you regarding that Jaron has no infection and that the nurses/doctor will be able to get his PICC line in. Keziah had many of platelett transfusions, and othe blood product transfusions, and antibiotics. Many times they will give antibiotics just in case. Jaron and Teagon are in our loving Father's hands. WHat better place can they be? Rest in Him! I know at times this is difficult. No weapon formed against Jaron and Teagon shall purpose, in the Name of Jesus! Thank you Lord that your hedge of protection is over Jaron and Teagon's spirits, minds, and bodies. Thank you Lord, that you have your pinions (wings/feathers) around Jaron and Teagon (see Psalm 91:4)He is protecting them. God's mighty blessings upon you Heather and Mitch! This is trial for you and Clyde and I know how difficult it is, but you are victorious in it and you will come out a mighty victors of our Lord Jesus Christ! Also, continue to plead the Blood of Jesus over the twins. Love you lots! We are standing with you in Jesus' name. Love, Donna Smith

  2. Hello Mitch and Heather,

    Just learned of your new additions! Congratulations and know that all 5 of you will be in my prayers. Praying for growth, digestion, healed hearts, no infection, skilled medical hands and judgement, sleep and peace.
    ~Gretchen McMichael